Lent Reflection Thursday, March 19

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Who contrary to hope, in hope believed, so that he became the father of many nations. Romans 4:18

Whenever I drive past the local children’s hospital, I see many windows.  I know that behind those windows are very sick children and parents living through the most horrible moments of their lives.  There is nothing harder than not being able to rescue a child from pain. Yet each day, in hospitals around the world, parents give up their right to protect their child from needles, monitors, chemo treatments, and IV machines.  Though the road to healing can be painful, God is very close to these families.

During this fourth week in Lent, if you drive by a hospital, pray that God will give all those who are suffering the gift of hope. Your prayer may be answered in a way that you will never know.


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Nancy Jo Sullivan

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Nancy Jo Sullivan is an inspirational author and speaker. She has published with Random House, Guideposts, Readers Digest, and the Huffington Post. Her newest book, Small Mercies, was recently released by Loyola Press. In the book, she writes about God’s presence in motherhood, family, and love. Through poignant reflections, she recalls how she found God even in her darkest moments, especially in the months that followed the death of her daughter with Down’s syndrome. She reminds the reader that God is present in “every mess, burden, and blessing.” The mother of two grown daughters, Nancy Jo resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She loves hanging out with her daughters, teaching writing classes to kids with special needs, jogging, making spinach smoothies, and of course, writing about her imperfect life.

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One Response to “Lent Reflection Thursday, March 19”
  1. Karolyn Gerard says:

    Since last this last Wednesday I have been going to the hospital to see my husband being treated for pneumonia and sepsis. He is having a hard time… the staff are wonderful and patient.. Lord thank you for them..