Lent Reflection Friday March 20

Friday, March 20, 2015

Psalm 34:19

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.  Psalm 14:19

There is actually a condition known as broken-heart syndrome, a temporary condition triggered by the death or loss of a loved one.  The main symptom is sudden chest pain that mimics a heart attack.

It’s so true that grief takes its toll on our physical and emotional health.  Yet when we are attacked by heartache, our Great Physician is always available—even in the middle of the night, when the pain of sorrow is most acute. Have you lost someone or something special? Remember that God specializes in broken hearts.


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Nancy Jo Sullivan

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Nancy Jo Sullivan is an inspirational author and speaker. She has published with Random House, Guideposts, Readers Digest, and the Huffington Post. Her newest book, Small Mercies, was recently released by Loyola Press. In the book, she writes about God’s presence in motherhood, family, and love. Through poignant reflections, she recalls how she found God even in her darkest moments, especially in the months that followed the death of her daughter with Down’s syndrome. She reminds the reader that God is present in “every mess, burden, and blessing.” The mother of two grown daughters, Nancy Jo resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She loves hanging out with her daughters, teaching writing classes to kids with special needs, jogging, making spinach smoothies, and of course, writing about her imperfect life.

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