From the Vine ~ Hope Erasers

By Alyssa Bormes

Davis Doherty

Regular job, volunteer position, freelance writing, another volunteer position, radio show, speaking, a couple more volunteer positions, the long list of things from before that I haven’t gotten done yet, other freelance writing, followed by all the regular stuff — cleaning the house, cooking, grocery shopping, trying to find a new pair of shoes that fit my orthotics and my feet comfortably at the same time, going to Mass, hanging out with friends, coffee, catching up on email, wait – did I just volunteer again – a time to do laundry, Adoration hour, balancing the checkbook and paying bills, the windows really need to be washed, and how on earth am I going to get my car into the garage for the winter when it is this messy? Wait, I forgot exercise, (which may have been intentional) but I still need to do it.

What do all of these things have in common? Well – a couple things. They are all on my to-do list together. And – they are all hope-erasers.

What’s a hope-eraser? Just re-read the list a couple of times; then put your own chaotic life into it. How’s your hope doing?

It’s too much for me to do! I don’t have the time! I can’t possibly have agreed to all of this! Our big lists are too much for us, and taking account of the whole list is a hope-eraser! So what is the resolution? Of course, turn to the Fat Man, G.K. Chesterton!

“Hope means hoping when things are hopeless, or it is no virtue at all … As long as matters are really hopeful, hope is mere flattery or platitude; it is only when everything is hopeless that hope begins to be a strength.”

Wow – hoping when it is hopeless – how is one to do that? Well, there is only one way – with the Holy Spirit. With that simple three-word prayer, “Come, Holy Spirit,” comes one more thing – hope. And then the big list is conquerable.

Take that big deep breath, and begin with the first thing, knowing you have a spiritual helpmate. God erases all the hope-erasers. Besides that, He just might give us a couple more months before the snow flies – so don’t worry about the garage today. Go for the coffee with friends – it’s way better on a Sunday afternoon!

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Alyssa Bormes

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Alyssa Bormes – Popular author, speaker, and retreat leader, Alyssa Bormes helps ignite in her audiences a newfound sense of wonder in the Church, through humor, analogy, and an innate gift of storytelling. Her passion is to inspire others to take on greater personal responsibility for their faith and to grow in spiritual maturity.

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