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WINE ~Women In the New Evangelization

WINE is not a new program or bible study. WINE is a ministry to invigorate Catholic parishes through inspiring, supporting, and nurturing women in the faith and by equipping and mobilizing women as intentional disciples of Christ. By offering solid Catholic resources, a simple and successful road map for growing a powerful women’s ministry, easy to use tools, exciting events, templates and support all in an inviting setting that is attractive to all women, WINE builds a strong women’s ministry that helps women to recognize and live with dignity in their vocation as women. As such, women joyfully work in their God-given gifts to nurture and build the body of Christ. Playing on its unique acronym, WINE is based on the first miracle of Christ turning water into wine. Our efforts lead us to the model of femininity, the virgin Mother— who always leads us to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. (Read more about the essence of WINE here: Do Whatever He Tells You) You can begin fresh by using WINE to create a women’s ministry in your parish, or you can add WINE to your women’s ministry… and watch grow!

On this site you will find ways to get involved by:

  • Deepening your personal spiritual life through study, companionship and prayer
  • Enlivening or starting a women’s ministry group
  • Connecting with other women on fire for the faith
  • Attending WINE events
  • Joining WINE, which will open the doors to a world of:
    • solid Catholic programs
    • tried and true paths to grow your women’s ministry
    • templates and marketing materials for each and every program, event or retreat
    • “specialty wine”—programs, books and retreats created for Catholic Women’s WINE Groups
    • Online and “on land” community of support
    • Fun and interactive book clubs and forums
    • Access to the best Catholic speakers and musicians to make your conferences or retreats great

* While WINE is a national ministry, it is beginning by taking root and growing in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Working in partnership with the Archdiocesan Office of Evangelization and Catechesis, WINE will roll out in Archdiocesan parishes in the fall of 2015. We invite you to follow along, to join in with our online book club, to explore our website and to attend any WINE events. We also invite you to join us in prayer for this beautiful women’s ministry as we grow. It is our hope that women on fire for their faith will see the beautiful fruit of WINE and soon it will spread to all corners of the world.
Listen to the WINE-CWC Intro

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