Cultivating your WINE group

It Begins in the Vineyard…

… with one or two women who enthusiastically want to share the joy of the Gospel with other woman. These women are WINE Enthusiasts!

The WINE Enthusiasts work with the pastor (and perhaps DRE) and with a WINE core team member to create a plan that best suites the needs of their parish or women’s group. If you are in a parish that does not have a women’s ministry, you will begin building a solid foundation for women’s ministry with WINE. If you are in a parish that has an established women’s ministry, you will benefit from adding WINE to your parish. The WINE Enthusiasts are the women who will make this happen.

Starting a Women’s Ministry with WINE…

A WINE core team member (WINE Specialist) will work directly with you, the WINE Enthusiast, to bring WINE to your parish. Information on the WINE Manual, which will lay out a systematic, yet organic, path for your parish and the dates of upcoming WINE “tastings” (or WINE Enthusiast trainings) will be posted here soon.

Currently we are working with the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to roll out WINE Branches in parishes, WINE Book Clubs and individual WINE Memberships. Look for new developments on this website in 2016!


Steps to beginning a WINE Branch in Your Parish:

  1. Pray to the Holy Spirit. Ask him to help you discern what God is asking you to do. Ask him to put the people in your path who will make up your WINE Branch core team. (Prayer of Discernment)
  2. Get to know WINE. Read through the WINE: Women In the New Evangelization website. Attend a WINE Event. Talk to a friend who is part of a WINE group.
  3. Invite those women the Holy Spirit has put on your heart to join you in prayer and preparation as together you venture into the vineyard.
  4. Contact us at and a WINE Specialist will meet with you (in person or over the phone) and walk you through the benefits of WINE and the simplicity of incorporating WINE in your parish. She will also assist you in signing up as a WINE Enthusiast and registering your WINE Branch such that you will have access to all the solid Catholic programs, books, speakers and retreats; all the templates to structure and market any program; specialty programs and retreats designed for New WINE Groups, and much more!
  5. Check to see if there is a WINE Enthusiast WINE Tasting in your area, sign up and go, and bring your core team with you.
  6. Set up a time to meet with your pastor and your WINE specialist to determine the needs of your parish an chart a course for your New WINE groups.
  7. Pray to the Holy Spirit. Ask him to act in you to do the work of the kingdom and ask the Blessed Mother to guide and protect you as begin to lead women to her Son and strive to “do whatever He tells you”—with the help of your wonderful core team.

Adding WINE to your Women’s Ministry…

Recognizing that many parishes may already have a women’s ministry and as such need not start from scratch, WINE has created a way to “Add WINE” to your already existing ministry to make it flourish like never before. You’ll follow the steps above, but the course you choose may differ from the path taken with those who are new to small faith sharing groups. A WINE Specialist will help you pair the perfect WINE offerings with your existing menu. More information forthcoming.


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