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Welcome to the Vineyard!

 A member of WINE is a woman whose has been inspired to join other women on this journey from blessing to blessing with and decided she would love the support and fellowship of WINE: Women In the New Evangelization.

Once you sign up as for a WINE membership and enter our WINE World (The Vineyard), you will have access to:

  • The four foundational “Read Between the WINE Book Club” books to be a part of your New WINE Group along with:
    • Downloadable Small Group Discussion pdfs for each book
    • A WINE Journal the encompasses all four foundational books
    • Inspirational videos from all four authors to share with your New WINE group
    • Innovative ways to INVITE women to join your New WINE group
  • An online community of WINE members around the country
  • A variety of solid, trusted, and fruitful Catholic programs on Bible study, prayer, catechesis, formation, discipleship, and much more…
  • Discounts for WINE events including the WINE: Catholic Women’s Conference
  • Our “Specialty WINE.” These are programs created specifically for New WINE Groups.
  • Our “Reserve WINE.” This is a powerful support of prayer for those in going through trying times
  • Our Newsletter, The WINE Press
  • Special announcements regarding upcoming events and iniatives
  • And…. most importantly… daily prayer!

*Our membership page is currently under construction. Stay tuned!

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