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In 2016, WINE will offer four books in our Introductory Read Between the WINEs Book Club. Each book is a simple read for any woman at any point in her spiritual journey. All of the books are written in such a way that you feel as though the author is talking with you over a latte. And at the same time, they contain a depth of theological truths and teachings.

These books introduce women not only to life-changing relationships with other women in the small group setting, but to a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Each book will come with a WINE-exclusive journal, which includes questions to ponder, space to write, and additional reflections to enhance your reading. Promotional ideas and meeting guidelines will provide everything you need to start your book club.


CreatedtoRelateUnderstanding Why God Created Woman
(6-week book club for small groups)

Created to Relate explains the natural gift that women have for building and maintaining life-giving relationships, and it reveals the key to living the Gospel fully and joyfully. Kelly Wahlquist shows how you can use your ability to build relationships as a way to lead others to Christ and provides practical tips to help you stay focused in the midst of the distractions and responsibilities that can lead to superficial connections.


graceofyesSaying YES to God’s Plan for Your Life
(8-week book club for small groups)

The Grace of Yes opens windows to pivotal moments of author Lisa Hendey’s own spiritual journey, and in doing so helps readers learn about belief, generosity, creativity, integrity, humility, vulnerability, saying no, and starting over, and shows how these virtues lead to generous living and the ability to joyously say yes to God. Our first step is to give God our Yes. This can be hard, but when we support and encourage one another, we find that saying Yes to all God has planned for us is exciting.


BBBDelving into the Gifts of Womanhood
(10-week book club for small groups)

Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious offers readers insight into the writings of St. John Paul II, which articulate four gifts unique to every woman: generosity, receptivity, sensitivity and maternity. With humor, faith, and the open-hearted tone of a trusted mentor, Pat Gohn shares how she became empowered to embrace her blessings, beauty, and bodaciousness, and how readers can do the same.


unleashedInviting the Holy Spirit into Your Life

(8-week book club for small groups)

In Unleashed, Sonja Corbitt shares that prayerful and regular study of Scripture is the key to hear the voice of God. She testifies to her passion for the scriptures by weaving the Word of God with her own experiences to show readers how the Holy Spirit flows through their lives in relationships, prayer, and even in times of suffering.



Stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, if you have questions about Read Between the WINEs Book Club, email

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