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We created the WINE Memberships to make it easy to become part of the future of WINE, while providing you with additional resources (and some fun gifts) in return. Check it out!


Walk in Her Sandals
New Release Coming October 10!

Nurture your relationship with Jesus and relate to him in a profoundly intimate way. The book guides you on a prayerful & creative journey through Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost.


WINE Introduction Videos Now Online!
Kelly Wahlquist Walks Through the Vineyard

Learning about WINE is easier than ever. In 5 short videos, Kelly walks through the beginnings of WINE, the genesis of the WINE name and how you can get started with WINE today!


Restore the Vineyard
Helping Our Sisters in Louisiana

Due to the floods, many of our sisters in Christ in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette dioceses have lost their homes, their businesses, their livelihood. Some have lost their loved ones.

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