Children of the Light

By Debby Giusti     Brothers and sisters: You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light, for light produces every kind of goodness and righteousness [...]


By Susanna Bolle Etymology is rocking my world! (Etymology is the study of the sources of words.) “Why” is etymology rocking my world you might you ask?  Because of the word eulogeo [...]

A Challenge and A Prayer For You

By Lucy Johnson About a year ago, I was listening to my local Catholic radio station.  The guest was discussing how saying the Rosary everyday for a year had changed her life.  She encouraged [...]

In with the good, out with the good

By Jill Mraz   I have a couple of adoration hours a week. After years of this I am still mystified, every time I enter the chapel, to encounter the heavy, perfumed air which resides there. [...]

Don’t worry, be hopeful!

  I spent hours fretting over what I would wear and serve at a recent dinner party. What a waste! I can’t believe the anxiety I nurture sometimes, over things large and small alike. So when [...]

Looking for the Kingdom

By Emily Cavins On my first pilgrimage to the Holy Land, one of the most memorable places we visited was the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus actually spoke the words from today’s gospel. It was a [...]

Stepping Forward with Humble Faith

  I headed off to college with dreams of pursuing a degree in English Literature and Writing and spending a semester studying abroad in London while visiting the homes of the world’s [...]