Join us for WINE’s online Lenten book club!

This year WINE: Women In the The Evangelization is entering Lent as women and with women as we read the one of a kind: Walk in Her Sandals: Experiencing Christ’s Passion through the Eyes of Women.

You’ve never read a book like this before:

It’s part Bible study, part reflection on women’s special gifts, part prayer and discussion guide . . . all tied together with a fabulous biblical historical mini-novel about women living through the events of Jesus’s passion, death, and resurrection. Reading it will draw you into the experience of Lent in an entirely new way. It will deepen your relationship with Jesus. It will lead you to contemplate your own gifts in light of his work. And it will encourage you to step out into the new year refreshed and empowered to follow the Lord.


Each Sunday during Lent WINE will send out an insightful and encouraging reflection for the chapter of the week.  Each day receive a beautiful image and quote from WALK to ponder and share. Sign up here —> WINE Lenten Emails


Why order through the online WINE shop? Simple. Not only are you supporting all the wonderful work of WINE ministries but it is also the place to purchase the Walk in Her Sandals companion journal!  It is the ‘perfect pairing’ offering additional questions and lots of space to organize your thoughts for yourself or to help prepare for your small group discussions. Order our Walk in Her Sandals Bundle* and receive the book, the journal, and a bookmark for only $20 (*buy as a bundle and save!).


This supportive community brings together women from across the country and the world who are reading Walk in Her Sandals this Lent; whether in a WINE group or on your own. Each week — between February 26, 2017 and April 22, 2017 — a WINE email will be sent that includes a link to a reflection from Wine Specialist, Allison Gingras, to guide your weekly reading. To encourage you along the way, you will also receive a daily email with a quote from Walk in Her Sandals and link to the WINE Blog.  The blog comment section will be available to share thoughts on your reading – for anyone interested in an online community but either not on Facebook or taking a break from social media for Lent.

In addition, over on the WINE Facebook page you will find daily quotes and special messages from the Walk in Her Sandals Authors as well as fun Facebook Live updates.   Search “WINE Lenten Book Club” to join the Facebook discussion in a more intimate and private setting!

WINE encourages you to join the conversation! Studying the faith with others has so many incredible benefits including accountability, encouragement and it is fun – just to name a few!


Gather some friends together to read and discuss Walk in Her Sandals WINE makes it fun and easy to do!

  1. Invite your friends and/or a few fellow parishioners to join you for an 8-week book club
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We are excited to read, connect, and share with women from all over the United States, in an uplifting virtual community.  Let the grace of Lent abound through you and with us this year!